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A little background story of Brian Kong while he was at college.

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Brian Kong in ROTC at the University of Hawaii

  • University of Hawaii, Hawaii USA

Brian Kong was the top ROTC cadet in his class during his attendance at the University of Hawaii.  He was designated the Battalion Commander of the unit in his senior year.  He entered the ROTC program as a two-year student starting from his junior year.  He clearly demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and was thoroughly dedicated to performing at the highest levels of achievements.  The unit became much more proficient under Brian's leadership and guidance.

Upon graduation and much surprise to many people, Brian selected to go into the Infantry to serve his obligation while in the United States Army.  He also went to the Airborne and Ranger schools, earning the Airborne badge and Ranger Tab.  During this period, the Vietnam War was not very popular, however, Brian felt he wanted to go where the action was and do his thing.

His death in February 1971 had a major impact on the ROTC program on campus.  Brian was a recognized leader of the program and everyone was affected by his unfortunate passing. Words cannot describe how bad we felt for his mother and sister.

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