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Help find my father

  • Jacksonville, Fl

In the late 1950's I was born.  I was told in my later years I was adopted.

Meeting the man that I was told was my birth father still left a ? in my head.

I have a picture of my adoped father and I look just like him. He is on my birth certificate as my father. He was 21 and my mother was 20 when I was born.** His name is John C Carter, was in the navy yeoman 2/c. He was born in Pennsylvania. I had a brother who I was told John C Carter was the birth father of him and his name was John Carl Carter Jr. He was born January 6, 1962 but died of a whole in his heart November 2, 1967. We were born in Jacksonville, Fl We have a older sister who I know is my mothers 1st husband daughter. I have a picture of them and they look alike.**

My sister's birth certificate does have John C Carter as her father but does not have his age, place of birth.

I just want to know if John C Carter is my Real Father.  I have 2 grown sons and a granddaughter and I would love for them to know also to pass this on in history for families to come.

Do you know this man John C Carter?