The Archibald C. Montgomery Family

The Archibald C. Montgomery Family - Stories


Archilbald Montgomery

  • Yankeetown, Clayton Crawford, Wisconsin

Archibald C Montgomery is buried  in Yankeetown Cemetery, in Solders Grove, Wisconsin, on highway 131 South  on the right side of the road going towards Gay's Mills.

I was there in Sept of 2003, visiting with two cousins I had never met before. Both young men took me all around searching for my family members of this Montgomery family.

My Gr grand-father William Montgomery, born 1848, WI.;  is the first child born to Archilbald C Montgomery and Silence E. Huntley.

William Montgomery 1848-1927

  • Solders Grove Wisconsin

Marriage:   16 Feb 1865  Wisconsin.

William Montgomery married Elizabeth Cokher, born 1849, Perry County , Ohio

She is the mother of eleven children, 1-Charles, 2- Sherman T Montgomery, 1868, WI.

3-Anis O . Montgomery 1870, WI.   4- Josephine May Montgomery 1872- 1956 , WI.,  5- Lillian Montgomery 1874, Wi. 6- Christopher A. Montgomery 1876 WI,. 7- Sarah A Montgomery 1878- 1900, WI.  8- William N. Montgomery 1889 WI., 9- Jessie Montgomery, 1888, WI -1954 Ark.. 10- Nellie R. Montgomery, 1885, WI.  11- Irin J. Montgomery, 1892 WI  1969 WI.

Jessie Montgomery born 1888 is my grandfather, He removed to Ark. after the death of his first wife Hazel L Reagles.  My father Darrell Jess Montgomery was born to Jessie and Hazel in the year 1912, WI.  Along with  older brother Joel Montgomery born 1909  and a sister Dorothy Montgomery born 1916, all three children were raised by William and Elizabeth Montgomery, until they reach their teen years when both boys removed to Philadelphia Pa. Joel the first to leave.age 14teen.   Darrell remained until the death of his grandmother 1930.  Jessie second wife is Blanch Neal/Neil.

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