Memorial of Ernest J. Sheen - WWII

Memorial of Ernest J. Sheen - WWII

World War II · US Army · Sergeant

Ernest J. Sheen a young man from Provo Utah served in WWII and went missing in action during the Pacific campaign. If you have pictures or additional information please contact the author.

World War II (1939 - 1945)
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Army Air Forces

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Conflict Period

World War II

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United States of America

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Missing Aircrew Report

  • Truk Islands

Based on an eye witness report, the following is the official statement regarding the missing crew and aircraft:

"On 30 March 1944, F/O David and crew took off in airplane #42-48752 with formation from Torokina at 0840L for scheduled bombing mission on Truk Islands. Over target formation was intercepted by thirty (30) or forty (40) enemy fighters, which gave a running fight for one hour and fifteen (15) minutes. Other gunners saw tracers going through this airplane. Plane was last seen entering cloud cover at end of fight with interceptors. One message was received from F/O David giving an ETA of 1820L at Green and that his IFF and command were out. On return from target many severe frontal areas were penetrated by formation. F/O David never landed at destination. Area was thoroughly searched, but neither traces of the plane nor crew were sighted."

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