why USA is the Best?

why USA is the Best?


My fight to defending United States in a contry who hates United States.

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America Freedomland

  • Rome, Italy

When, on 1967, Italy began to speack about Vietnam war, I was 17 years old and I believed that I was "pacifist".

But I did not know what the communists and the intellectuals will prepare for me and for my family.

Then, I began to see the United Staes with other eyes.

And now, studing international facts and my personal facts, I can conclude:

America is The Best in the world!

Sorry, my English script is terrific...

If I could write in English language I would write to all You: United States have the Real Freedom Culture in their cromosomes.

I know how work the intellectuals and the communists. They nothing make. They "divide et impera" with the "blablabla"  with only goal to stay at power and to take egemony's power in the world.

They not interest the poors of the world, but only their interests!

From 40 years ago, they not permise me or other to criticize them, they ARE NOT AMERICA of mythical filmography with United States critics theirselves!

Here it is not a FREE Journalism. I cannot say more that. I am afraid for my family.

They close the mouth to all us with slogan: "America is arrogance"


American People, my Veterans friends listen me: You must NOT SURRENDER!

The Heroes of Vietnam, or today in Iraq & Afganistan, died for LIBERTY of all us like the Young Soldiers who died in European and Pacific Coasts to our Liberty by nazism.

I think that  you are the FOUNDING FATHERS of my Free Spirit.

But now, the UNgratitude of communists imperat. They say: American Soldiers are arrogant, Stalin helped us to stay free!

This is a negation of the HISTORY!

What I would?

An American Government for my Italian People.

For a long time I studied the FACTS, not opinions but the FACTS!

Today,  the FACT is: America is The Best! America is The Freedom!

America is the NEW CULTURE of the New and the Future World!

Dont forget this, my American Soldier!

Live or died, You MAKE A DIFFERENCE. That's named: LIBERTA'!

With my Gratitude and my Tribute and my Special Thanks.

mariemarion, an Italian Free Writer

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