12 Nov 1827 1
Gilsdorf, Luxembourg 1
24 Jan 1911 1
Monterey, Indiana 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Dominic Scheuer 1
12 Nov 1827 1
Gilsdorf, Luxembourg 1
Male 1
24 Jan 1911 1
Monterey, Indiana 1
Mother: Margaret Marks 1
Father: John "Jean" Scheuer 1
Elizabeth Vogelein 1
1858 1
Seneca County, Ohio 1
Spouse Death Date: 15 Jan 1920 1
shoe cobbler 1

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Dominic Scheuer

Gilsdorf, Luxembourg

Dominic Scheuer was born 12 November 1827 in Gilsdorf, Luxembourg.  Dominic was the son of John Jean Scheuer II and Margaret (Marks) Scheuer.

Dominic was a shoe cobbler in Luxembourg. He crossed the Atlantic during 22-31 March (circa 1855) on the Sailing Steam Ship (S.S.) Commodore. He was rejected for service in the Civil War.

He settled at Blakeslee, Ohio.  Moved to Indiana in 1885.  Dominic and sons (Peter and Joseph), reached Monterey, Indiana on 1 April 1885 in a wagon. Nicholas, Martin, and Frank traveled in freight car with livestock and goods. Wife Elizabeth, daughters, and John Henry traveled in passenger car.  Dominic and Joseph had visited Monterey, Indiana in 1880. Other relatives were there.

Dominic Scheuer and Elizabeth M. (Vogelein) Scheuer were married 20 Jan 1858 in Seneca, Monroe County, Ohio and celebrated their Golden Wedding 26 January 1908 at Monterey, Indiana.  Dominic died 24 January 1911 in Monterey, Indiana. 

Elizabeth Magdaline Vogelein, born 20 October 1838, near Baltimore, Maryland.  Daughter of Martin Vogelein and Helen (Parsons) Vogelein.  Elizabeth died 15 January 1920 in Monterey, Indiana and is buried in the St. Anne Cemetery.  Her mother, Helen was born 8 July 1813 in Baden, Germany.

Dominic Scheuer and Elizabeth Vogelein had 12 children:

  1. John Henry the 1st, born 25 October 1858, died 8 November 1875 in Ohio, of injury by buzz saw. Godfather James Steible, Dominic's sister's husband. Godmother, Margaret Keitzer, stepsister of Elizabeth.
  2. Martin Joseph, born 15 February 1860, died 25 August 1928 from a sewer cave-in, South Bend. Was married to Verna Walley.
  3. Margaret Rosina, born 20 September 1861, died 19 May 1961, Rochester, Indiana. Godfather, Nicholas Marks; godmother, Rosina Parson; Married Alphus Master.
  4. Anna Katherine, born 22 July 1863, died 11 April 1939, on farm near Kewanna, Indiana. Godfather, John Schmidt; godmother, Margaret Welba. married Benedict Bauman.
  5. Theresa, born 21 February 1865, died 21 December 1904. Godfather Michael Keitzer; godmother Theresa Kell Marks. Married Frederick Book.
  6. Peter Francis, born 21 January 1867, died 27 March 1956. Godfather, Peter Huart; godmother, Miss Anna Schmit. Married Maggie Leona Richard.
  7. Nicholas Killian, born 2 March 1869, died 11 February 1936. Godfather, Nicholas Till, cousin of Dominic; godmother, Mary Till. Married Johanna Elizabeth Philipson 2 June 1903 at Winamac, Indiana.
  8. Francis Peter "Frank", born 18 August 1871, died 24 March 1959, Gary, Indiana. Godfather, Nicholas Till; godmother, Katherine Koble; Married Mary Neff in 1906.
  9. Joseph Martin Scheuer was born 9 March 1874 in Florence Township, Williams County, Ohio; and died 12 December 1961 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Godfather Peter Till & Marie Koble.  Joseph Martin Scheuer married Mary Magdalen "Lena" Stark in 1906.  Joseph and Lena had eight children:  #1. Marie Emma, #2. Lucille Elizabeth, #3. Margaret Agnes, #4. Joseph Martin Jr, #5. Rose Louise, #6. Mary Magdalena "Lena", #7. Genevieve Ann (born 13 Nov 1915 in Brookston, White County, Indiana; married Lenus Nicholas Pennartz 8 July 1944; died 18 Aug 1977 in Riverside, California; buried 24 Aug 1977 at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Charleston, Arkansas), and #8. John Dominic.
  10. John Henry the 2nd, born 2 October 1876, died 1953 at Monterey, Indiana. Godfather John Till and his grandmother Helen Voeglein Keitzer. Marrried Lucy Lattus in Chicago.
  11. Mary, born 19 August 1878, died 26 March 1910, crippled in fall. Godfather August Koble, godmother Rose Brosamar.
  12. Matilda, born 14 March 1884, died 21 October 1947. Godfather, August Koble; godmother Helen Keitzer. Married August Wenzl.

JOHANN SCHEUER was born in 1750 in Germany. He died in 1850. He married MARY CATHERINE WAGNER in 1790 in Gilsdorf, Bettendorf, Luxemberg. Johann Scheuer and Mary Catherine Wagner had the 5 following children:

#1. JOHN JEAN SCHEUER the 1st was born in 1790 in Gilsdorf, Bettendorf, Luxenbourg. He died in 1790 in Gilsdorf, Bettendorf, Luxenbourg.

#2. THEODORE SCHEUER was born about 1791 in Gilsdorf, Bettendorf, Luxenbourg.

#3. MARY CATHERINE SCHEUER was born about 1792 in Gilsdorf, Bettendorf, Luxenbourg.

#4. BARBARA SCHEUER was born about 1793 in Gilsdorf, Bettendorf, Luxenbourg.

#5. JOHN JEAN SCHEUER the 2nd was born on 11 Feb 1794 in Gilsdorf, Diekirch, Luxembourg. He died on 12 March 1875 in Gilsdorf, Diekirch, Luxembourg. He married MARGARETHA MARKS on 15 Nov 1826 in Gilsdorf, Bettendorf, Luxenbourg, daughter of Michael Marks and Appolonia Mantesnach. She was born on 12 Feb 1804 in Haler in Kent, Luxembourg. She died on 07 Feb 1838 in Gilsdorf, Bettendorf, Luxenbourg. He married CRISTINA PEFFER.

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