Daughters of the American Revolution description of his information Ancestor #: A000990 Service: NORTH CAROLINA Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth: (CIRCA) 1 Jun 1745 NORTH CAROLINA Death: (ANTE) 1 Sep 1817 ST HELENA PARISH LOUISIANA Service Source: PRUITT, ABSTRACTS OF LAND ENTRIES, PITT CO, P 50 Service Description: 1) TOOK OATH OF ALLEGIANCE TO MAKE LAND ENTRY 1779

1745 1
Beaufort County, North Carolina 1
01 Sep 1817 2
St. Helena Parish, LA 2

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Will of Richard Albritton Page 1
Will of Richard Albritton Page 1
Richard Albritton was married first to Mary Hart in 1776. Mary is the mother of all of his children. In 1805, he married the widow Sarah Ann Flint Sibley. She was the mother in law of his daughter. She had no children with Richard Albritton. The wife Ann mentioned in his will is his second wife.
Richard Albritton Will page 2
Richard Albritton Will page 2
Richard Will page 3
Richard Will page 3
Colonial Records of North Carolina by William Saunders
Colonial Records of North Carolina by William Saunders

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Richard Albritton 3
1745 1
Beaufort County, North Carolina 1
Male 1
01 Sep 1817 2
St. Helena Parish, LA 2
Cause: Natural 2
Mother: Amy Petit 1
Father: James Albritton 1
Mary Hart 4
1776 4
Pitt County, NC 4
Spouse Death Date: 1804 4
Community leader 3
Race or Ethnicity:
White 3

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Richard Albritton, American Patriot

Pitt County, NC; Bulloch County, GA; St. Helena Parish, LA

Richard was a member of the North Carolina Militia in 1771 and was member of the Safety Committee of Pitt County serving in Captain William Burney's Company.

The service in the North Carolina Militia n 1771 was NOT Revolutionary War service, it was service to the state of North Carolina. The service on 1 July 1775 as a member of th Patroller Committee of Safety was Revolutionary War service as a Patriot as was his signing the Oath of Allegiance.

Richard's family moved from Prince Anne County, VA to Beaufort County, North Carolina just prior to his birth. His father, James Albritton,  married Richards mother, Amy Petit, in 1745. Elizabeth Lanier was the first wife of James Albritton. Richard had six half-brothers and one half- sister from his fathers first marriage.  Richard had one full brother, Hebry Albritton.

Richard married Mary Hart in 1776. They had the following children:

Mary Polly Albritton who married Reddick Sibley

James Albritton who married Delaney Kent

Elizabeth Albritton who married Labon Kent

Sarah Albritton who married David Mizell

Richard Albritton who married Nancy Richardson

John Albritton who married Mary Glover

Averillah Albritton who married Robert Flint Sibley

Nancy Albritton who married John J. Richardson

There is a four year break in the birth dates of the children. During this time, 1780 to 1784, the family moved from Pitt County, North Carolina, to Effingham County, Georgia.

Richard Sr. was excommunicated from the Skull Creel Baptist Church in GA. The following is from the minutes of the Ebenezer Baptist Church of Amite County, MS May 4, 1811: Met in conference. We, the Church at Ebenezer, agree to write a letter to Skull Creek Church, in the State of Georgia, Bullock County, requesting to be authorized to hear a
consistence of Richard Albritton, Excommunicated from said Church.

Feb. 10, 1797 to April 15, 1799- Richard Albritton was a Justice of the Peace in Bullock County, Georgia.

1797- received 500 acre land grant in Scriven County, Georgia.

1798- Richard received a 100 acre land grant in Bulloch County, Georgia.

December 12, 1798- Richard Albritton bought 150 acres of the south side of the Ogeechee River from John Lanier. Purchase was witnessed by son Richard, Jr. and John Albritton.
Note by Laurel Albritton- Richard Albritton, Jr. would have only been 10 years old.

May 15, 1797- Richard Albritton was a Grand Juror in the Bulloch County, Georgia, 1st Superior Court. Reference- Georgia Landmarks and Legends by Knight, Vol. 1 p 337.

December 13, 1801- Richard Albritton conveyed 100 acres of land bordering Sculls Creek to John Richardson for 5 lbs. sterling. Witnessed by James Albritton and Laney Albritton.

1804- Wife Mary Hart dies.

1805- Richard, Sr. married the widow of Isaac Sibley. Her name was Sarah Ann Flint Sibley, with Flint being her maiden name. She was the mother in law to two of Richards daughters who had married Sibley brothers. Richard and Ann had no children together, she being at least 45 years old at the time.

Jan. 9, 1806- Richard bought 200 acres in Bulloch County from William Irwin. The land bordering John Kirkland and Sarah Banks property. Witnesses were Richard Albritton, Jr. and Sally Albritton.

1808- Received 125 acres grant in Bulloch County, Georgia.

1810- Richard Albritton, Sr. and his sons, Richard, Jr., James and John, and daughters, Sarah, with her husband Captain David Mizelle, and their families; also daughter Avarilla, moved from Georgia to Louisiana.

Nov. 1, 1810- entered land on Amite River, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.

His Will was  dated 20 March 1816
Probated 13 Sept. 1817, Mt. Pelier, St. Helena Louisiana



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