Rufus Seaberry (23 Aug 1820)

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Veterans descendant of Rufus Seaberry


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Learning a trade

aged about six (6) years; Rufus Seaberry is under the tutelage of Henry Best.  Rufus, in his later years, would become a self-sufficient tenant farmer within the Wayne/Johnston county area.

Many of his great-grandchildren served their country in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and beyond.

  • Brogden, Wayne, North Carolina, USA
  • 23 Aug 1820

Relocates to Boon Hill

Spring of 1849, Rufus Seaberry relocated his family to Boon HIll in neighboring Johnston county.  His family continued their work as tenant farmers and attended peaceable brush arbor church gatherings when possible.  Some local area churches permitted people of color to attend from balcony or dis-conjoined or adjacent structures

  • Boon Hill, Johnston, North Carolina, USA
  • 4 Mar 1849

Wedding Bells

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Seaberry family Headstone - Wayne/Johnston County, North Carolina

On or about the 4th day of December 1859, Rufus' son Willis Seaberry weds Nancy Powell.  Nancy Powell, descendant from the ilk of Stephen Powell -- Stephen Powell & his family are enumerated amongst Johnston county residents during the 1st North Carolina US Census [circa 1790] -- Stephen Powell father of Revolutionary War Veteran Stephen Powell, Jr of Johnston County, North Carolina.

  • Johnston County, North Carolina, USA
  • 4 Dec 1859

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