Engineer with the 270th Engineer Combat Battalion, 70th Infantry Division, ETO, World War II from April 1944 - July 1945. Transferred to various units prior to shipment home in January 1946.


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Personal Details

Full Name:
Kelley Eugene Dixon 1
Also known as:
Kelley 1
Burial Date: December, 1967 1
Burial Place: West Virginia 1
Deceased 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Enlisted at Fort Thomas, Newport, Kentucky, March 1944 2

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Military History Mar 44 - Jan 46

Military History

March 1944
Entered at Fort Thomas, Kentucky as a private and assigned to Company C, Reception Center Company #8 P.R.T.C.

April 1944
Left Ft. Thomas via rail to Camp Adair, located near Corvallis, Oregon.

7th Arrived at Camp Adair. While there he received his immunization shots for small pox, typhoid and tetanus. He received gunnery training which included the M-1, Carbine, 30 cal MG and 50 cal MG. He received a marksman rating for the M-1, BAR, pistol and carbine. He also received hand grenade training.

May 1944
Transfered to Company C, 270th Engineer Combat Battalion at Camp Adair

June 1944
No Notations

July 1944
Departed Camp Adair

30th Arrived at Fort Leonard Wood, near Waynesville, Mo. He received another typhus and tetanus shot. This move was due to the transfer of the division before embarking for Europe.

August 1944
No Notation

September 1944
Received more training: How to attack a German village and rifle grenade training.

28th through Oct. 13th Furlough to Elkhorn, West Virginia and vicinity

October 1944
Received promotion to P.F.C. (Private First Class)

November 1944
Furlough: visited Elizabethton, Tenn., Roan Mt., and road "Tweetsie"

December 1944
Departed Fort Leonard Wood

January 1945
Left the USA for Marseilles, France on board the USS Mariposa

18th Arrived in Marseilles, France. Forrest Moore, a 270th Engineer writes "...We were taken to an isolated place and told to put up our pup tents for the night. We were tired and some of us decided not to put the tents up and we used our sleeping bags. Lo and behold, that night we got a very hard rain. Yes, we were drowned rats!"

February 1945
5th through May 15th
Saw action at the Saar River, Rhine River, Central Europe and Rhineland Campaigns. Included mine removal and laying, building bridges, road maintenance and lending direct support to infantry units.

March 1945

April 1945
In Reserves, maintaining roads and general engineering work.

May 1945
Received promotion to Corporal

8th War ends

15th official end of combat

June 1945
29th-July 2nd
Furlough to Paris, France

July 1945
Transferred to Co. C, 10th Eng. Battalion in Germany

5th Receive the Good Conduct Medal per General Order #6, conferred by Capt. K. A. Seigrist

August 1945
No Notation

September 1945
Furlough: tour of Switzerland (Basle, Berne, Speiz, Lucerne and Zurich)

October 1945 (no dates)
Transferred to 502nd Lt. Ponton Co. (France)

Transferred to 1173 Eng. C. Group (France)

Received WW2 Victory Ribbon awarded by War Department per General Order #45

Received the E.A.M.E.T. Ribbon per General Order #33, War Department #45, conferred by War Department

November 1945
Pass to Paris, France

9-11 Pass to Luxembourg, Luxembourg

20-22 Pass to Paris, France

30-Dec. 2 Pass to Paris, France

December 1945
Transferred to 1408 Engr. S/L Maint. Det. (France)

January 1946
Arrived via ship in Argentia, Newfoundland

21st departed Argentia for USA

26th Arrived USA onboard the USS Henry Baldwin

30th Received an Honorable Discharge at Fort George Meade (Certificate #1358)

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