abt 1759

28 Aug 1759 1
of Sandwich MA 1
26 Apr 1802 1
Conway, Franklin, MA 1

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Personal Details

28 Aug 1759 1
of Sandwich MA 1
Male 1
26 Apr 1802 1
Conway, Franklin, MA 1
Father: Peleg Gifford 1
Mary Bowerman 1
26 Jun 1784 1
Falmouth MA 1
Spouse Death Date: 08 Aug 1846 1

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Biographical Details from NEHGR


NEGHR v132 p295-296 Oct 1978

85. Noah(4) Gifford {Peleg(3), Jonathan(2), William(1)} was born abt 1759.

He married (int at Falmouth 5 June 1784) Mary Bowerman (Falmouth Town Records), daughter of Judah(4) Bowerman (Thomas (3-2-1)) and Mary (Dillingham) Bowerman of Falmouth, born 10 Oct 1758, died "1834/5 in Pennsylvania." Her aunt, Sarah Bowerman, was the wife of Melatiah(3) Gifford.

We do not know where this man was born or where he lived as a child, but he had returned to Sandwich before the date of his marriage as the publishment calls him "of Sandwich." He was still there at 28 Jul 1785 when a deed of that date reads: " Stephen Burt of Plantation #7, County Hampshire" conveyed "for L93.12s paid by Noah Gifford of Sandwich, County Barnstable, husbandman, one half of Lot No. 131 and also a gristmill and dwelling house" (recorded 31 Aug 1785, Hampshire County Deeds, 1:383). Evidently this property lay within what by 1790 was the town of Conway as the 1790 Census lists Noah Gifford at Conway with a household of one male over 16, one under 16 and three females.

Search of Franklin County deeds and probates, and of various Friends records in needed to supplement this account.

The names of Noah Gifford's children below and other data was supplied by Dr. Gerald R. Fuller and another descendant, Samuel Kendall Gifford. No birth records were found in Sandwich or Falmouth, and only one each in Conway and Adams.


i. Judah(5), b. ca 1785; said to have m. Millie ___; no further record.

ii. Meribah, b. ca 1787; m. Joseph Fletcher.

181. iii. Levi, b. in Conway 15 Aug 1789.

iv. Tamar, b. ca 1791; no further record.

182. v. Alpheus, recorded in Adams 28 Aug 1793.

vi. Ichabod Bowerman, b. ca 1795

vii. Armella, b. ca 1797; m. Joseph Fletcher, widower of her sister Meribah.



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