Crash of B-26 Maurader 42-107792           MACR 12227

Crash of B-26 Maurader 42-107792 MACR 12227


Mission Wildberg Railroad Station

  • Gestheim, Germay

The 17th Bomb Group, 432nd Bomb Squadron of the Twelfth Air Force was based at Dijon Airdrome, France.  Dijon was located about 280 miles south of Paris, France. On 22 February 1945 the mission was a bombing raid on the railroad station at Wildberg, Germany.  1st Lt. Jack E. McKenzie and the crew of the B-26 Marauder 42-107792 (Battle Number 77) were hit by flak.  In an eyewitness account from Missing Air Crew Report 12227, the pilot of another aircraft gave the following statement:

I, Lt. Andrew G. Smith, O-686602, pilot of B-26, Red 76, with the flight lead by Lt. McKenzie flying ship #42-107792 (Battle Number #77) did, on 22 February 1945, at about 13:30 hours observe the following:

Airplane #42-107792 (Battle Number #77) sustained a direct hit in the back of the left nacelle [engine pod] and a section of the left flap.  The ship caught fire immediately.  The ship remained under control, and one (1) man jumped from the left waist window through the flames that extended beyond the tail.  The wheels were lowered, and shortly after the nose wheel come down, four (4) men jumped out of the nose wheel door.  Just after the fourth man jumped form the nose wheel door, the plane went out of control and passed from my view.

The aircraft then crashed near Gestheim, Germany.

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