Revolutionary War Veteran Capt. John Reas Compy. of Militia of the First Battalion of Cumberland County Commanded by Col. James Johnston Captain John Reed's Company Eighth Battalion of Cumberland County Militia Commanded by Colonel Abraham Smith, 1779.


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American Revolutionary Soldiers of Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Franklin County, Pennsylvania

American Revolutionary Soldiers of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, compiled by Virginia Shannon Fendrick for the Franklin County Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Chambersburg, Penna., published by Historical Works Committee of the Franklin County Chapter, 1944
p 194-195
Served as private under Capts. John Rea and John Reed, 1779-80-81.  He was of Green Twp., but owned land in Letterkenny.  He names 11 children:  Casper, Fredk; Joseph; Christly; Abraham; Jacob; Peter; Elizabeth mar. John Long; Barbara mar. Jacob Houser; Christina mar. John Leaman; Magdalena mar. Geo. Sellers; grandson Samuel of son John.  This will was probated May 22 1811.
-Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol. 6, p 78, 103, 544, 585

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