Born in Tipperary Ireland in 1834


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Lawrence Cumming of Ireland

Tipperary, Ireland

Lawrence Cumming (s) was born in 1834 in Tipperary, Ireland. He came to the the US in 1848. He met and married Mary Elizabeth Torrence (of Belfast) and moved from NY to San Patricio, Texas, via Indiana (where 2 sons were born: John and Patrick). Lawrence was in the US Civil War. He returned home to San Patricio after the war and died not too long after the end of the war. Family tradition has it that he was poisoned by his wife for an unknown reason.He had 4 surviving sons: John. Tom, Robert "Sarge" and Patrick. His wife traditionally is described as the town midwife/"doctor".

Mary Elizabeth and Lawrence are my great- great-grandparents. Their son Patrick is my great-grandfather,his daughter is my grandmother Dovie. Her daughter is my beloved mother, Goldie Marie, b 1916-d.2010. I am their great-great-granddaughter, Betty Marie b.1959, the mother of their great-great-great-grandsons, Jason b. 1991 and Adam b. 1994.

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