Polish Citizens Killed While Helping Jews

Polish Citizens Killed While Helping Jews


Stories about Polish Citizens Killed While Helping Jews

During the Holocaust

    1. ABRAMEK, W³adys³aw, 20, living in Wola Przybys³awska, near Garbów, Lublin prov.

    killed by Germans on Dec. 10, 1942, while staying at his cousin, Józef Aftyka, who sheltered Jews. (see 3-6)

    2. ADAMCZYK, Stanis³aw, living in £±cko, Nowy S±cz prov.

    in Spring of 1943; he was beaten to death by W³adys³aw Gleb, the German town mayor of Mszana Dolna, for sheltering a Jew.

    3. AFTYKA, Józef, 54, living in Wola Przybys³awska, near Garbów, Lublin prov.

    4. AFTYKA, Aniela, 52, Józef's wife

    5. AFTYKA, Marianna, 14, daughter

    6. AFTYKA, Zofia, 17, daughter

    murdered by Germans on Dec. 10, 1942 together with a group of Jews sheltered by them and with W³adys³aw Abramek. On the same day Czes³aw and Leonard Gawron from the same village were also killed together with Aniela and Stanis³aw Kamiñski, 5 members of the Nalewjka family and 5 others of the Ochmiñski family - a total of 19 people (see: 1, 137-138, 209- 210, 390-391, 411)

    7. AMBRO¯Y, Marianna, 75, living in Podborek, Radom prov.

    died on July 11, 1943, together with the Kowalczyk family, shot on the charge of helping Jews (see: 264-266)

    8. ANICET (i.e. priest Wojciech KAPLIÑSKI) 66, chaplain of the monastery in Miodowa Str. in Warsaw

    arrested on Oct. 16, 1941 for aiding Jews; died the same year at Auschwitz

    9. ARASZKIEWICZ, Aleksandra, living in Cisie, near Ceg³ów, Siedlce prov.

    A sizable group of Jews from Ceg³ów took refuge in the village of Cisie,

    (incl. Esther, Yoyne Mendel and the baby Jab³onka Goldstein) as well as Jews who escaped from the "death trains" to Treblinka via aCeg³ów. On June 28, 1943 raids were carried out on the village by the military police

    from Miñsk Mazowiecki, during which 25 Poles, incl. railwaymen, were snatched from their homes, together with numerous Jews they sheltered and

    murdered: Marcin D¹browski, Franciszek Fiutkowski, Aleksander G¹sior,

    Henryk Gergera, Rozalia Jaworska with her 2 years old daughter, Tadeusz

    Lipiñski, Zygmunt Ma³us, Stanis³aw Pe¿yk, Tomasz and Sylweriusz P³atek,

    Edward R¿ysko, W³adys³aw Saski, Eugeniusz Skwieciñski, Marian and Piotr Smater, Jan Szczêsny, Józefa Szyperska, Aleksandra W¹sowska, Jan and ,

    Mieczys³aw W¹sowski, W³adys³aw Wójcicki, Jan Zagañczyk and Ludwik Zaj¹c. Wies³aw Walczewski was arrested the same day, but shot in January 1944. The VILLAGE WAS BURNT DOWN. (see: 92, 124, 141-142, 186- 187, 332, 361. 456, 470-471, 536, 539, 560, 564-565, 597, 604, 630, 635-637, 677, 693, 696)

    10. ARCHUTOWSKI, Roman, priest, rector of the Archidiocesan Seminary in Warsaw

    sent to Majdanek for aiding Jews; died after torture in Oct. 1943

    11. ARCISZEWSKI, Albin, 45, living at Orlicz, near Garbów, Lublin prov.

    executed in September 1943 for helping Jews from the camp at Antopol; he tried to save Dr. Czerniak, his wife and 2 daughters, Isaac Elfenstein, Lena Mazurska and Itka Wo³yniec
    12. AUGUSTYN, Józef. living in Szerzyny, Tarnów prov.

    13. AUGUSTYN, Józefa, his wife

    they sheltered 3 Jews form Szerzyny, the family of Elias and Hersh Haskel, shot together with them on Feb. 4, 1944 by German military police
    14. AUGUSTYNIAK, Franciszek, 30, worker, living at Paulinów, near Soko³ów Podlaski, Siedlce prov. shot by an SS unit on Feb. 24, 1943, together with a group of 14 people, victims of a provocation: several weeks earlier they rendered help to a Nazi agent, who pretended to be a Jewish fugitive. Died also Zygmunt Dryga, Franciszek Kirylski, Józef, Ewa and Stanis³aw Kotowski, Stanis³aw Piwko, Jan Oliwiñski, Aleksandra Wiktorzak (see: 111, 216, 259-261, 469, 609, 648) Stanis³aw Kusiak and Stanis³aw Mazurek died in the Treblinka camp (see 314, 374) Died also Czes³aw Borowy, Jan Brzozowski and Stanis³aw Henduszko (see: 43, 57, 166)<a></a>

    15. BACZEWSKA, Honorata, 30, teacher living in Lublin

    underground liason officer and AK (Home Army) press carrier, murdered for sheltering Jews early in 1945 by Ukrainian nationalists.
    16. BANASZEK, Marianna, 50, living in Pustelnik, near Marki, Warsaw prov.

    17. BANASZEK Stanis³awa, daughter

    18. BANASZEK, W³adys³aw, son

    murdered in October 1943 for hiding a Jewish family of 3. This Jewish family, informed of the threat of a raid on the house, luckily escaped.
    19. BARAN, Adam, 29, living in Hucisko, near G³ogów Ma³opolski, Rzeszów prov.

    20. BARAN Szczepan, 36

    On June 10, 1943 the German military police from Rzeszów surrounded the village of Hucisko and murdered 21 inhabitants of it and of the neighbouring village of Przewrotne, for sheltering Jews. Died also: Franciszek Beskur, Jadwiga Chezalik, Franciszek Dr¹g, Anna Dworak and 7 members of her family:Anna, Jan, Katarzyna, Maria, Micha³, Stefania and Zofia; Adam, Józef and Marcin Gut, Marcin Kolano, Jakub and Józef Rumak, Józef S³uja and Adam Susich. The Germans burnt down 17 homes and numerous service buildings (see: 31, 61, 110, 113-120, 161-163, 222, 521-522, 563, 589)

    Similar measures were carried out twice in the village of Przewrotne (see: 49-51, 70-71)

    21. BARAN, Rozalia, living in Modrych, near Hrubieszów, Zamooæ prov. In December 1942 beaten up and then murderd for giving her own "Kennkarte" to a Jewess, who using it went to work in Germany, was recognized and captured
    22. BARANEK, Wincenty, 46, farmer, from Siedliska, near Miechów, Kielce prov.

    23 . BARANEK, £ucja, 35, his wife

    24. BARANEK, Henryk, 12, son

    25. BARANEK, Tadeusz, 10, son

    26. BARANEK, Katarzyna, mother of Wincenty

    murdered by military police on March 15, 1941 together with Katarzyna Kopeæ, mother of £ucja and the Jews they were sheltering: Piñczowski, Skowron, Sybirski and Weitzman (see: 228)
    27. BARGLIK, Maria, 51, farmer, living in Tokarnia, Cracow prov.

    killed on March 6, 1944, following sentence passed by a special court (Sondergericht) at Szaflary for sheltering the 6 members family of Samuel Steinberg

    28. BARGLIK, Stefan, living in Tokarnia, Cracow prov.

    shot on the strength of the special court verdict of the SS and police commander (Standgericht) in Cracow for "fostering Jews and sheltering them"; the execution of the verdict was pronounced on Feb. 21, 1944

    29. BARSZCZ, Marianna, 16, living in Moszeñki, near Jastków, Lublin prov.

    employed by farmers Marian and Zofia Wysmulski, who concealed in an underground shelter 4 Jews, while providing also others with food and medicines. On Sept. 25, 1943, Germans shot also Zofia Wysmulska and the Jews they protected (see: 689)

    30. BERSKI, Jerzy, living in Warsaw

    killed in combat against Germans in April 1943, during the offensive near the Warsaw ghetto walls, organized by the GL (People's Guard)

    31. BESKUR, Franciszek, 35, from Przewrotne, near G³ogów, Rzeszów prov.

    shot on June 10, 1943 in the village of Hucisko, in a mass execution for sheltering Jews (see: 19-20)

    32. BIELNIAK, Franciszek, 32, shoemaker, from G³êbokie, near Biecz, Krosno pr.

    shot by Gestapo on Jan. 14 1943 for rendering help to Jews

    33. BIEÑKOWSKI, Gerwazy, from Kietlin, near Radomsko, Piotrków prov.

    executed in November 1943 with W³adys³aw and Franciszka Librowski for his part in sheltering 2 Jews: Chêciñski and Bugajski (see: 329-330)

    34. BOBELOWA, (Christian name unknown) from £uck (now in Soviet Ukraine)

    35. BOBELOWA's mother

    murdered by Germans in Fall 1943 for hiding a Jewish owner of a local brewery, Sznajder Bobel, who having been warned, managed to escape

    36. BOBROWSKI, Jan, 50, farmer, from Lipiny, near Pilzno, Tarnów prov.

    killed in March 1943 for sheltering Jews; his farmstead was burnt down

    37. BOGDANOWICZ, Anna, living in Jas³o, Krosno prov.

    arrested at the end of November 1942 for sheltering Sarah Diller, who survived. Tortured, she perished soon after in Auschwitz. Posthumously awarded by Yad Vashem the medal as "Righteous Among Nations"

    38. BOGUCKA, (Christian name unknown) from Pastewnik, near Borszczów (locality incorporated after the war into the Soviet Ukraine)

    widow of the local butcher, Karol Bogucki; arested in June 1943, killed in Czortków for sheltering 11 Jews. She left behind her 3 orphan children.

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