Albert H Powell

Albert H Powell

Walker AZ "Al was king of the mountain"

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Al Powell

  • Prescott AZ

"Albert Herbert Powell"   **  A-6 ** (1916-1991) Cowboy Poet, "King of the Mountain". . . pillar of the Community... always available, generous and outgoing.... Nothing was anything unless Al and Virginia were there!

Birth:  Feb. 29, 1916, Ohio, USA
Death:  May 12, 1991, Prescott Valley, Yavapai County, Arizona, USA

Family links: Spouse;   Virginia Paulin Powell (1916 - 1998)   Burial:
Mountain View Cemetery, Prescott, AZ (Yavapai County) USA 
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<a></a> Barbi Ennis Connolly, 57th Bomb Wing Researcher, Historian for the 319th and 321st Bomb Group in Honor of my Dad/ 321stBG,447thBS, T/Sgt Ed Ennis, Airborne RADAR/Radio/Gunner, B-25's in the Mediterranean, WWII

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