War Hero

1919 1
Oklahoma, USA 1
03 Mar 1945 1
Margraten, Netherlands 1

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Personal Details

1919 1
Oklahoma, USA 1
Male 1
03 Mar 1945 1
Margraten, Netherlands 1
Cause: War 1
Mother: Emelie Maeirt 1
Father: Theodore O Widiger 1
Employer: US Army 1
Position: Private 1
Place: Oklahoma 1
End Date: 03 Mar 1945 1
Purple Heart:
3 Mar 1945 1

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  1. Contributed by Kevsigler


Theran Lee Widiger

Margraten, Netherlands

Hello, I am contacting you on behalf of a family in The Netherlands who have adopted Pvt. Theran L. Widiger's grave in the American Cemetery at Margraten. They are hoping to make contact with Mr. Widiger's family to let them know he is remembered and to learn about him and hopefully receive a picture of him. This adoption process has been going on since 1946 and this family is the most recent adopters of his grave. Below is the information in regards to Mr. Widiger. Thank you for considering contact the family. I'm sure they would be thrilled to come in contact with his family.

The family's email is below but it may not go through. So if you do decide to contact them, please cc Mr. Niek Schoonbrood as well and he will make sure the adopting family receives your email as they are his in-laws. 

Adopting Family's email:

Niek's email:

Theran L. Widiger
ID: 38464721
Entered the Service From: Oklahoma
Rank: Private
Service: U.S. Army, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Died: Saturday, March 03, 1945
Buried at: Netherlands American Cemetery
Location: Margraten, Netherlands
Plot: J Row: 19 Grave: 21
Awards: Purple Heart 

If you have any questions of me, feel free to contact me. I have been helping adopters locate families here for about 3 years and it brings me great joy when the connection is made. Best regards, Andi

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