• Gettlinge Gravfalt

There are a lot of burial sites that have been discovered that are directly associated to the Vikings. Archaeologists have discovered and are still discovering burial sites built by the Vikings themselves.

In Sweden there's the Gettlinge Gravfalt. Gettlinge is located in the south western part of Oland. This particular burial site is known for its remarkable Viking stone ships located at the center of the burial ground.

Hulterstad, also located in Sweden has another area that served as a Viking burial ground. Noteworthy graveyards can be found there, together with the usual Viking structure - the burial ship. It also stands a few meters away from the Hulterstad Church, which is believed to be as old as the graveyard. And because of their historical relevance, the UNESCO had designated this place as one of the World Heritage Sites.

The city of Vasteras, still in Sweden, houses the Anundshog. This is another burial mound that was built by Vikings. In there a significant runic stone stands, attesting to the credibility that the graveyard was indeed connected to the Vikings. The rune is estimated to be more than a thousand years old. And along with that, five more stone settings could be found, forming the shape of a ship, which has always been a trademark of the Vikings from long ago.

In Denmark, there's the Lindholm Hoje. This is the biggest and most ancient burial ground found in the whole of Scandinavia. This burial ground contains more than seven hundred graves and is believed to date itself back to the Iron Age. Aside from the graveyard, Viking castles and ruins are also found in and around the area.

As well as Sweden and Denmark, burial grounds have also been discovered in England, where the Vikings settled in for quite some time. Just recently, a Viking burial ground was discovered in Cumwhitton, Cumbria. Because of a single metal brooch uncovered, archeologists found the graves of six Vikings, four men and two women, complete with their swords, jewellery, spears, riding equipments, and other tools used to make fire. The Viking heroes would like to go their grave in full glory and valour, that's why the graves that were discovered had several artifacts, including belts and metal bracelets from the Viking era.

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