Jacob and his 4 other brothers came from Starka, Prussia and passengers to NY. Jacob left unto Lavaca, Texas took up farming and transportion of produce to local town of Hallettsville by wagon driven with horses. All the brothers were large build, striking nose, and very tall strong men, Jacob and his wife Franiska Maria (Mary), had one son, Frank Melofsky unknown of the other children would live to find more information this pair to complete our Genealogy. Frank Milovsky spelled many different ways amoung are family records in the being of coming to American, however, by the 1900's, family spelled is as MELOFSKY (Polish-Czech) and maybe from looking into the area of history could be "Prussians. Frank Milovsky married Anna Sorek correct spelling SVRCEK (Czech) the had a farm between Gonzales and Lavaca in the family since 1886, some of the land was given to her as a wedding gift from her dad Jan to Frank and Anna Svrcek Melofsky. Frank was murdered over oil!


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