Missing In The Mall

Missing In The Mall


The reason children need more security on and off line.

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Missing In The Mall

  • Nova Scotia

-=Part I=-

"Hey mom," Natashia gets her mothers attention scuffing her feet against the tiled floor. "How much longer are we going to be here, this is getting rea-a-a-a-lly boring..." "Haha, don't worry, we'll be out of here before you know it." Her mother replied looking through price tags of different products sitting on the shelves. "Well you always say soon and it seems to take forever each time..." Natashia says walking with a heavy stomp looking for something to play with on the shelves.

Natashia's mother still ignoring her from her whining picked up some jeans and checked them out. Suddenly Natashia got an idea, she'll take off and hide on her mother for a little game of hide and go seek. So she took off and hid under some clothes when her mother wasn't looking. Trying not to laugh watching her mother look around calling for her, she kept down low in the clothes trying to be as quiet as possible.

After a few minutes it all went quiet and Natashia still hidden under all the clothes began to look around for her mother. "Well where did mom go..." she quietly said to herself starting to go from one clothing stand to the next till trying to hide.  After awhile of looking she quickly realized that it wasn't all that fun anymore. Now beginning to become scared, she rushed from one clothing stand to the next not able to find her mother anywhere in sight becoming worried that her mother left her.

"Ah there you are..." a person from behind Natashia says reaching down and pulling her out from under the clothes. The lady was dressed in a white shirt and a blue skirt and a name tag. "Your mother has been worried sick, she has been looking all over for you." Not sure of what she should do, Natashia tried to pull away but it was helpless, she was going wherever the lady was taking her. A few moments later Natashia's mother runs into the store, and as soon as she see her, her eyes fill up with tears and she runs over to Natashia. "ohhh, never do that again, you had me worried sick about you." Her mother says giving Natashia a big hug, too Natashia starts crying realizing what she has just done to her mother. And it looks like today's fun is over with.

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