03 Sep 1919 1
17 May 2011 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Glenn Robert Ewart, Sr. 2
Full Name:
Glenn R Ewart 1
03 Sep 1919 1
17 May 2011 1
Burial Place: Charmichaels, PA 2
Place: Charmichaels, Pennsylvania 2
Last Residence: Bel Air, Maryland 2
Last Residence: Bel Air, MD 1
U.S. Navy-Retires, Coal Miner-Retired 2
Christian 2
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasion 2
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1

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Genealogy of Immediate family

Charmichaels, PA

Glenn Robert Ewart was living with his son, Glenn Robert Ewart, Jr. at the time of passing.  However, he resided in Charmichaels, PA for the majority of his life.  I am the grandaughter of Glenn Sr. and daughter of Glenn, Jr, being Deborah Shanean Ewart.  Glenn Sr. was married to Emma Gibson Ewart who preceeded him in death by appx. 5 years.  Glenn Jr. of Bel Air, Md, is living and the only child of Glenn Sr. and Emma.  He is married to Rhonda Jean Thrasher Abernathy Ewart having 5 children.  There children in birth order are Christa Joy Ewart, Deborah Shanean Ewart (self), Elischa Jere Ewart, Josiah Robert Ewart, and Micah Joel Ewart. 

Christa Joy Ewart- 2 children, Tyler and Alyssa Ham, children of Sean Ham of Bel Air, MD

Deborah S. Ewart- 2 children, Dylan Glenn Ewart, son of Matthew Gerald Monahan of Sutton, MA

                            Trinity Ewart-Martin, daughter of James Allen Martin, Jr. of Tyrone, PA

Elischa Ewart Whitaker-  1 child, Addison Jean Whitaker, daughter of David Whitaker of Bel Air, MD


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