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England to the US on a piece of floating history

  • Mirgrated to the US for England

1921 Ship Manifest SS Olympic identifies  Martha DALE 44: Theodore H 14: M arie 18: Elsie 11

Ethnicity: British, England

Last Residence: Camborne, England

Date Arrived: 11 May 1921

Ship: SS Olympic

Departure: Southampton, England

Manifest Number: 022, 023, 024, 025 repectively

Page 186

The family is identified as being bound for Millers Falls, Massachusetts Martha's next of kin is identified as Mr. Ninnis, Dove Street St. Ives Corn wall, England.

The SS Olympic was the sister ship to HMS Titanic, she was the only one of the three to survive not being sunk. Titanic and Britanic both are resting on the bottom of the Ocean in very different places.  Olympic suffered a worse fate for a proud ship, she was sold for scrap and broken up after her service life was over.  Probably became parts of food cans or something

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