Conflict Period:
Vietnam War 1
Army 1
Sergeant 1
09 Jul 1947 1
23 Dec 1969 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Errold Rufus Farrar 1
09 Jul 1947 1
Male 1
23 Dec 1969 1
Cause: Gun, Small Arms Fire 1
Age at Death: 22 1
Body Recovered: Chau Doc, South Vietnam 1
Casualty Date: 23 Dec 1969 1
Casualty Type: Hostile, Died 1
Hometown: Mattydale, NY 1
Marital Status: Married 1

Vietnam War 1

Army 1
Sergeant 1
A-401 1
Enlistment Type:
Regular 1
E5 1
Major Command:
Special Forces 1
Army 1
Light Weapons Infantry (ARMY) 1
Tour Start Date:
28 Sep 1969 1
Years Served:
1 1
Methodist (also Evangelical United Brethren) 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 1
Memorial Wall Location:
Line: 86 1
Panel: 15W 1

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Thornton-Farrar AMVETS Post 729 in North Syracuse, New York, is named in part for this young hero.

From a friend,
James Thornton

02 Jun 2006

Errold Farrar was a fun and laughing son. He put my car up high by using build-ups under the front part and if he couldn't use the car he would take the riding lawn mower down to the gas station making believe it was a car to ride around.

He sold newspapers, delivered to homes early in the morning. One morning he didn't come home. We found him lying on the ground having a severe appendix attack.

He was a Boy Scout and played in the Central Square, New York, band. He blew Taps for the American Legion for funerals while in high school. After graduation he said "I would like to go in the Army". When 20 he enlisted. I remember taking him down. On the way I told him "You are my only son. I live alone with your sister. I need you." He said "Mom, I really want to go" so I didn't want to stop something he really believed in. So he became a Green Beret. His first visit home I cried when he arrived as his red hair was shaved off and it gave me a message of what was to come.

Before he left he said "Mom, do you have a cemetery lot?" My eyes filled with tears as I said don't talk about that. He told me he wanted to be in Arlington Cemetery and that is where he is buried.

I miss him as he came home at night and would call "Mom, I am home." Those days are gone, only memories. What a short life. Two months after he was in Vietnam I saw a soldier in uniform coming to the door. One of the worst things to hear - "I am sorry to inform you your son was killed in action."

That is why we have an organization called Gold Star Mothers. There are so many of us. God bless all who are gone and those remaining.

Errold's Mother,
Mary C. Burgen
400 Sandra Lane, North Syracuse, N Y 13212

Vietnam Wall Panel coords 15W 086

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