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Charles E Sutton 1
Age in 1930: 7 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1923 1
Place: ESSEX County, New Jersey 1
From: 1930 1
Enumeration District: MILLBURN TWP 1

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Charles E Sutton /WWII Died in Training Acct. 1944

Columbia, SC

Charles E and Stella E Sutton had 2 sons, Charles E and Robert J. (Robert /Born 1925 in Essex County NJ)  Please see links under the Map on the left.

Charles E Sutton was killed in a tragic training accident in a B-24 Liberator.  The Flight Training Mission was out of the 309th Bomb Group at Columbia Army Air Base in South Carolina.   Lt Lassetter was the Pilot and Lt. Charlie Sutton was the Co-Pilot on this training Mission.  All were lost.

#42-31562 B-17 MIA was sent to Charles E Sutton at 12 Parkview Drive, Milburn, NJ. MACR 7136 ( 9 Men ) 

Barbi Ennis Connolly

  (Columbia AAB /309th B-24 Heavy Training Acct).

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