Stephen N Roche

Stephen N Roche - Stories

    I remember the first time i met Stephen. He introduced himself kissed me on the cheek and then continued to ramble about whatever politics were going on at the moment. Economy, poverty, congress, and he said how curious he was to find out the origin of my name since its not common. He got one of his thousands of books and preceded to inform me that my name was of Latin origin and it means "the light". From that moment on i was hooked. I love him as if he was my own father. He always treated me with respect and kindness. He always made it a point to remind me how proud he was of me and that i was something great that happened to his family. I will always be appreciative of his way of thinking, his way of talking, and his way of being. He was truly one of a kind. I will always love him and keep him close to my heart.