22 Nov 1934 1
24 Nov 2010 1

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Full Name:
Carroll D Matthews 1
22 Nov 1934 1
24 Nov 2010 1
Last Residence: Arden, NC 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1

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A Man's Man

North Carolina

Carroll is not only a cherished member of my family, he was one of my first heroes, as well as my first boss.I idolized the muscular young farmer's son who worked hard to help put food on his family's table. His easy laugh and loving nature made him very approachable, even for a skinny little nephew who was always under foot when we visited. He was a great teacher, sometimes assigning me multiple tasks at work "just to see if I could get it done." He taught me his work ethic; which has served me well over the years. Thanks pal.
Carroll always knew who he was and was comfortable within himself, with a quiet self-assuredness, an unassuming courage that rivaled his youthful muscles for strength.
He faced his illness with that same strength, that same courage. To me, Carroll was a man's man who fought a good fight with faith and dignity. Yet another worthy lesson I will try to duplicate from one of my first childhood heroes.I love you, Carroll.

Jim Mathews

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