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Adams Family Tree

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John Quincy Adams? You decide.

  • Boston, MA

I set up a custom search engine of a site on GeoCities which has, what seems to be, a complete Adams family tree. You'll find it here:

    From: Chip Schilling Email: [email protected] We have a descendant of John Quincy Adams in our family (Capt. John Adams Wyman Born Dec 15, 1830) (died 1919) of N.Y., a prominent ship joiner on Maiden Lane, N.Y. (My grandfathers, grandfather) He helped complete the "Monitor" and went south on her. Any geneology/family tree info appreciated from anyone on John Quincy Adams. Thank you. Atkins and Mary Wyman (Former Mary Dering), married Jan, 1826 are parents of Capt. John Adams Wyman. Atkins was born March, 1805. Atkin Wymans father, William, was married to Rebekah Lombard on Aug 7, 1796.