02 Jan 1936 1
29 Jul 2010 1

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Full Name:
Melvin L Bickle 1
02 Jan 1936 1
29 Jul 2010 1
Last Residence: Janesville, WI 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1

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Correspondence with Mel Bickle

From Washington State

I first learned of Mel from a mutual cousin, Cal Bickle.  Cal had given up research on the Bickles.  I contacted Mel and he was a delightful person.  He gave me everything I needed to begin my research.  He said the Wisconsin family had wondered "Whatever happened to William".  While our side of the family wondered, "Whatever happened to William's family."  Mel sent us his family record, which I will now add to my family records, as well as a Christmas card.

I'm sad to learn of Mel's death.  Just a short time ago, on our way home from Chicago, we stopped in Janesville and called Mel to find directions to Maria Bickle's gravesite in Busseyville.  Mel gave us directions.  


Pat Wells

Kennewick, WA

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