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Unknown location in Germany 1945


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Map of area of Germany my dad would have been

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My dad was attached to the 1st BN. 417th Inf. Regt.  This map of the E.T.O. has my dad's writing where he joined the unit in March, 1945.

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The circus came to town

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Germany 023 Circus.jpg
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I don't know if this was called a circus during 1945, but that's how I always identified these photos. 
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Various photos Germany

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Germany 019 standing in front of door.jpg
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Here are various photos of my dad.  He was a medic.  I am so wondering where he was when he was sitting on the grass with that top hat on.  And who was that little boy he was standing with?  What town are the houses which were turned into the medical facilities?

I do miss my dad.  He died Nov., 2005 at the age of 89.

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