Can Giuoc - 6th Battalion 31st Infantry

Can Giuoc - 6th Battalion 31st Infantry


Can Giuoc October 69 to February 70.

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Life in the Delta

  • Can Giuoc, Vietnam

The 6th Battalion, 31st Infantry was activated on 1 November 1967 at Fort Lewis, Washington.  The Battalion under-went six months of mid-winter training at Fort Lewis in preparation for its deployment to the Republic of Vietnam.  On the 1st of April 1968 the 6-31st, attached to Task Force Forsyth, 9th Infantry Division departed Fort Lewis with the mission of securing the Division Base Camp, Bearcat, in the Mekong Delta, RVN.  The Battalion closed on Bearcat April 1968, and was introduced to a type terrain and climate which vastly differed from that encountered during the winter training at Fort Lewis.
The “Bearcats” did not remain long at their new home.  On the 28th of April, the Battalion came under the operational control of the 3rd Brigade of the 9th Division, and moved to a battalion size base camp at Bien Chon, Long An Province.  May saw the Battalion in its first real contact with the “Battle at Y Bridge” during the Communist offensive in the spring of 1968, in the cholon District of Saigon.  Credited with 27 enemy kills, the “New Bearcats” proved themselves the equal of their predecessors.  The 3rd Brigade was recommended for a Presidential Unit Citation for this operation.
Since their beginning in RVN, the men of the 6th Battalion 31st Infantry have been with the 3rd Brigade while operating from Base Camp Smoke, and later with the 1st Brigade at Fire Support Base Moore and the Division Base Camp at Dong Tam, when the 1st Brigade of the  9th Infantry  Division was recommended for a Presidential Unit Citation for its actions during the period 25 Jan 1969 to 26 April 1969.
Then in June 1969 the 9th Infantry Division (minus) was chosen to return to CONUS; all but the 3rd Brigade and the 6th Battalion were to return home.  During the Redeployment the 6-31st, with Air Artillery attachments, operated as Task Force Carlson and was credited with 179 enemy kills.
Can Giuoc, RVN, is our new home, and mud, water and construction are the order of the day.  From here we shall continue the creditable history of the 31st Infantry.  Gentlemen of the 6th Battalion 31st Infantry, you have written a chapter in our history, and you have written it in a truly exemplary manner.  Congratulations, for I have never seen a finer soldier than YOU.

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