Me and Tom

Me and Tom


The history of my relationship with Tom Warren (RIP)

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Me and Tom

  • England AFB, Alexandria, LA

Tom and I had just returned from a TDY to Aviano AB Italy. He received orders to go to a radar site..He was furious and so was I. I got orders to go to Cannon AFB to continue to fly F-100's. Soooo, I (a 1st Lt) went to our squadron CC (Bruce Carr) and told him the story about Tom getting these funky orders..He said "Let me see what I can do"..

Later, Tom had those orders cancelled and he got orders to go to Cannon with me..Man, were we happy..But, I had to find Tom first to tell him the good news. He had said fuck it and went fishing...When he returned I told him the good news and we celebrated and began to prepare to go to Cannon.

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