Today In History- September 7

Today In History- September 7


World War II: The Blitz - Nazi Germany begins to rain bombs on London.

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Nazis begin Battle of Britain with bombing of London.

  • London, England

In preparation for a planned invasion of England, on September 7, 1940, Nazi Germany began an aerial bombing campaign of London, with continued attacks throughout 1941.  The bombing was a showcase for Nazi air superiority, and began with nearly 60 straight nights of bombing.  The British nation was devastated, with such cities as Coventry, Birmingham, and others nearly completely destroyed, with many children being evacuated to the countryside.  Much of London was destroyed, threatening even the famed St. Paul's Cathedral.  The blitzkrieg was remembered as the first major defeat for Hitler, who was unable to carry out his invasion because of defensive resistance from the British Royal Air Force.

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