William Alfred Bason II

William Alfred Bason II


A Company 1st Battallion 16th Infantry Near Lai Khe South Vietnam Jan. to Feb. 1966

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Can anyone help with any Information

  • Binh Duong near Lai Khe South Vietnam

After over 40 year's of trying too find out where my Brother was killed at in Vietnam I stumbled onto this website by accident and this Website knew !!!!  That's unbeleivable and I got very little Information from the Army the past 40 year's, anyway my brother was in the Army and stationed in Alaska then discharged and re-enlisted and was sent too the republic of Vietnam he got there Jan. 15th 1966 and was killed Feb. 4th. 1966 As far as I know he was on a search and destroy mission for mines and someone in the patrol stepped on one of the mines and a few of them were killed this I am still trying too verify which is very hard too do so if anyone was in my brother's unit or knew him or exactly where he was killed or how I would appreciate hearing from you please you can e-mail me at <a>[email protected]</a> or tell me where else I can find out more Information as the Army is very elusive in their information !!!  This site know's more than they do !!!! and thank's too them I've found out more than I have in 40 year's !!!  Thank you for any help you can give me

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