02 Dec 1921 1
18 Nov 2006 1

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Full Name:
Robert Alexander Haislip Jr. 2
Also known as:
WWII "Slip" /"BUD"-Family 2
Full Name:
Robert A Haislip 1
02 Dec 1921 1
18 Nov 2006 1
Last Residence: Oak City, NC 1
Page TWO S/S Index 2
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-7853 1

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Lt Robert A Haislip, Jr. 310th Bomb Group, Pilot/Nev. B-25

Corsica, France

Robert attanded 2 years at the North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 1942, Yearbook name;  The AGROMECK Yearbook. (See Photo Portrait above)

Robert's Family;
 Robert A. Haislip,   27857 Oak City, Martin, North Carolina
Born: 2 Dec 1921  Died: 18 Nov 2006

Published November 21, 2006   Name of Deceased: Robert A. Haislip
Age at Death: 84 - Death Date: 19 Nov 2006  - Obituary Date: 22 Nov 2006
Newspaper Title: Daily Southerner: Tarboro, NC, USA
Robert Alexander Haislip Jr., 84, died Sunday, Nov. 19, 2006.
Funeral services will be held 2 p.m. Wednesday at Oak City Christian Church with the Rev. Morgan Daughety, the Rev. June Ellen Haislip, the Rev. Torrie Osgood and the Rev. Nate Leonard officiating. 
He is survived by his wife, Frances N. Haislip; daughters, Lynn Crisp, and husband, Bucky, of Oak City, and June Ellen Haislip of Eden; sons, Jeff  Haislip and Robert A. Haislip III, both of Oak City; sisters, Nancy Walters of  Greenville, Ruth Roberson and husband, Russell, of Durham, Lynette Bowers and  husband, Bob, of Bethel; brothers, Tom Haislip of Sanford and Bryan Haislip  of Tarboro; four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 
     The family will receive friends 7-8 tonight at Letchworth Funeral Home,  Scotland Neck.
Funeral arrangements are by Letchworth Funeral Home, Scotland Neck.

1930 Census  /Goose Nest /Martin Co. /North Carolina
Household Members: Name Age
Alex Haislip/Head of Household/45
Zenobia Haislip/Wife/32
Nancy E Haislip/Daughter/12
Robert A Haislip/Son/8
Thomas M Haislip/Son/6
Zesbie B Haislip/Son/3yrs-8mos
Linda A Haislip/Daughter/9mos

In 1930, Robert was 8 years old........

Barbi Ennis Connolly, WWII Historical Researcher with Thanks to her Team members, John Fitzgerald and Patti Johnson, 57th Bomb Wing  We all contribute towards the Research, In honor of my Dad/Ed Ennis, John honors his Dad/Jack Fitzgerald and Patti honors her friend, J Raymond Orechia, KIA/WWII.

Lt Robt (BUD) "Slip" Haislip, Bombardier /Navigator

Corsica, France

Haislip, R A Jr. (Lt Bombardier/Navigator)
PO Box 115 ,  Oak City, NJ   27857  1984 Member Directory

and wife Frances.  Nickname in the Service "Slip" and the family called him BUD.

Duties and Responsibilities of THE BOMBARDIER

   Accurate and effective bombing is the ultimate purpose of your entire airplane and crew. Every other function is preparatory to hitting and destroying the target.    That's your bombardier's job. The success or failure of the mission depends upon what he accomplishes in that short interval of the bombing run.    When the bombardier takes over the airplane for the run on the target, he is in absolute command. He will tell you what he wants done, and until he tells you "Bombs away," his word is law.

A great deal, therefore, depends on the understanding between bombardier and pilot. You expect your bombardier to know his job when he takes over. He expects you to understand the problems involved in his job, and to give him full cooperation. Teamwork between pilot and bombardier is essential.    Under any given set of conditions -- groundspeed, altitude, direction, etc. -- there is only one point in space where a bomb may be released from the airplane to hit a predetermined object on the ground.    There are many things with which a bombardier must be thoroughly familiar in order to release his bombs at the right point to hit this predetermined target.
He must know and understand his bombsight, what it does, and how it does it. He must thoroughly understand the operation and upkeep of his bombing instruments and equipment. He must know that his racks, switches, controls, releases, doors, linkage, etc., are in first class operating condition. He must understand the automatic pilot as it pertains to bombing. He must know how to set it up, make any adjustments and minor repairs while in flight. He must know how to operate all gun positions in the airplane. He must know how to load and clear simple stoppages and jams of machine guns while in flight. He must be able to load and fuse his own bombs. He must understand the destructive power of bombs and must know the vulnerable spots on various types of targets. He must understand the bombing problem, bombing probabilities, bombing errors, etc. He must be thoroughly versed in target identification and in aircraft identification.

The bombardier should be familiar with the duties of all members of the crew and should be able to assist the navigator in case the navigator becomes incapacitated.   For the bombardier to be able to do his job, the pilot of the aircraft must place the aircraft in the proper position to arrive at a point on a circle about the target from which the bombs can be released to hit the target.

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