GAETANO {Thomas} b. 1857 AND MICHELINA b. 1857 MARCOVECCHIO FAMILY [arrived from Italy in U.S.A. 1882 NY]

Gaetano Marcovecchio witness for Nicholas Sabelle petition for Naturalization

  • New York City, New York, USA

Gaetano {Thomas is translation used in this family} Marcovecchio...b. Nov. 1857, Italy
spouse Michelina {Michalina/Michalena/Maggie/Miggi} b. July 1857, Italy
they came to the U.S. in 1882 just prior to birth of son Gabriel...
Michelina had at least 8 known children - born in U.S.A.:
 Gabriel...b. 8 Jul 1882 died bef 1980
 unknown #1 given name Marcovecchio child died before 1900
 Anthony...b. 1 Jan 1886 d. 19 Aug 1946
 unknown #2 given name Marcovecchio child died before 1900
 Frank A. Marcovecchio...b. 13 Jun 1891 died bef 1992
 Joseph Frank Marcovecchio...b. 29 March 1892 died aft 1942
 Jean Marcovecchio...abt 1895 [April 1894 ?] died bef 1990
 Rose Marcovecchio..abt 1897 [Sept 1896] died bef 1987

This particular Marcovecchio family were residents of NYC within
various burroughs at different times.
Keep in mind that often the given names of these individuals are found
in both Italian and American versions, such as, Antonio
or Anthony, Gaetano or Thomas, etc. and often the Italian version
maybe misspelled, example:Gateno instead of Gaetano is an example.
Also, the surname often misspelled or transcribed as Marcobecchio, Marcurella, among others.
A knowledge of all members of family, their occupations, own spouses and children
and locations helps to identify them in census and other records.
Additional information available from <a></a> 
Put: Marcovecchio Family Research in the subject line of any message.

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