Pres. Lincoln's Carriage Restored

Pres. Lincoln's Carriage Restored


The carriage Pres. and Mrs. Lincoln took to Ford's Theater that fateful evening has been restored and is now open to public view.

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Lincolns' Carriage Restored

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An AP article from South Bend, IN (available at and dated 7 Feb 2008) announces the return to the public (after restoration) of the carriage that carried President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln to Ford's Theater the night he was assassinated. Built in 1864 by Wood Brothers of New York, it was restored by B. R. Howard and Associates of Carlisle, PA last year, and is now on display at the Studebaker National Museum in Indiana.

After the assassination, the barouche went to Robert Todd Lincoln, who sold it to Dr. F. B. Brewer, a New York physician, who in turn sold it in 1889 to Clement Studebaker.

Regarding the condition of the vehicle, the article reports that, "when it arrived at the workshop, the carriage was in very poor condition because of deteriorating wood, leather and fabric." "Workers discovered the carriage originally wasn't black, but rather dark green with maroon, gold and white details... Conservators also uncovered an elaborate cursive presidential monogram - A. L. - on each door, which had been painted over."

If you would like to read more about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, has the complete trial papers from the National Archives, and a number of Story Pages have been written on this site about others involved in this tragic event.

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