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Saint Namdeo


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Saint Namdeo

  • Maharashrta - Punjab, India

Saint walks on this land.

The treasure house of spiritual wisdom, India, has been blessed by many Jesus Christ having born here.

Saint Namdeo, born in 1192 was contemporary and friend of Saint Dynaneshwar.

Collected verses of Saint Namdev have been compiled in Saint Namdeo Gatha (Text Book).

The seekers of Bliss in the pursuit of Ultimate abiding happiness have researched in the world 'inside' and reached the crest of human evolution to be living god in the world.

Lord's mercy and grace springs forth in the form of lyrics that flow naturally from the Saint's pen. Saint Namdeo, the jewel among the saints influenced later popular saints like saint kabir and gurunanak.

Saint Namdeo brings his problem on the Lord's help desk:

Saint Namdeo says:

vishaye asakt jale maje man| n kari tuzhe dyan pandhariraya||1||

My mind is attached to subject, emotions, thoughts
not contemplating you Lord Pandhari

saint namdeo confesses the treachery of his mind.

"My mind is attached to objects of world,
(including emotions & thoughts; anything that is experiencable)
not attached to you, Lord Pandurang"

vithal vithal vithal vithal vithal vithal vithal vithal vithal

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