My search of family mystery's

My search of family mystery's


I grew up in a family where nothing was ever talked about, I knew my paternal grandfathers name and that he was from England but that was it, On my mothers side I knew my grandmother but she had been married 5 times and buried them all, but I never knew my grandfather or where he was born or even his name, my grandmother who said she was from Poland and would hardly speak English came from Hungary with her father at age one ?? Just found this out in the last six months so the search goes on. Poland+Zyblowicz & Simala [Shimala} England +Birkbeck & Crawford Wales + Jones

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My Grandparents are finally together for eternity

  • Riverside cemetery Vermillion co. IN.
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Grandfather Thomas Birkbeck married Ida M Jones ,[his second wife] in 1913 they had one child my father Henry Birkbeck on 07 Mar 1914 , grandfather passed in 1928 and grandmother was alone until her death in 1973 she raised her son sewing clothing and washing people's laundry, When my father lost his sight in the mid to late 1950's she came to help him raise my sister and I ,she was our Mamee [mom and grandma] until it was time to be back at grandfathers side for all eternity,Grandmother waited a very long time to be with her family until God called her home ,To Grandpa and my Dad and my second son Charles who needed care for him until I come home.

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