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Munyer/Saloum Family Tree

Munyer family from North Dakota


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George and Katbe Munyer

Zahle, Syria

George and Katbe Munyer of Rugby, ND

George and Katbe Munyer of Rugby, ND.  George is buried in Syria, Katbe is buried in Rugby, ND.

Joe Munyer Family

Williston, ND

Joe Munyer Family
This is a photo of the Joe Munyer family from Williston, ND

Frank Munyer Family

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Frank Munyer Family

Photo of Frank Paul Munyer family, formerly of Rugby, ND

  • Frank, born 6-15-1877, died 9-29-1952
  • Mabel, born 10-25-1890, died 7-18-1949


1910 Census for Pierce County, North Dakota

Rugby, North Dakota

1910 Census for Pierce County, North Dakota
1910 Census listing Assif Munyer family, Joe Munyer, and Frank Munyer.

Assif and Malika Munyer

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Assif and Malika Munyer of Rugby, ND

Assif and Malika Munyer.  Both buried at Rugby, ND. 

  • Assif, born 12-23-1870 died 1945
  • Malika, born 10-5-1884 died 3-29-1957. 

Children of Assif and Malika were: 

  1. Martha (Freije), born 10-18-1899 died 6-28-1995
  2. Mary (Bashara), born 11-18-1900 died 8-2-1986
  3. Alex, born 10-19-1903 died 8-1-1975
  4. Rose (Saloum), born 3-17-1905 died 4-13-1984
  5. George, born 8-26-1906 died 4-11-1974
  6. Mike, born 6-13-1908 died 9-19-1986
  7. Fred, born 3-26-1910 died 12-4-1992
  8. Ed, born 1-22-1912 died 6-26-1994
  9. Sam, born 11-4-1913 died 6-18-1995
  10. James, born 10-20-1919 died 11-18-1931
  11. Jean (Morken), born 11-28-1920 died 7-3-1980
  12. Lucille (Burbank), born 6-14-11922 died 4-4-1976
  13. Ted, born 2-27-1926 died 6-22-2005

Frank Paul Munyer Registration and Death Certificate

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Frank Paul Munyer Registration
2 images
Registration form for Frank Paul Munyer

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