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Learning Disability = PhD


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  • Grade school

When I was in grade (1-6) I had problems with my eyes and I swas thing backwards.  At that time no one knew what dyslexia was and they said I just did not apply myself.  I got held back in third grad and then everyone started to push me through school. At that time there wee no special education.When I got into Jr. High I had a teacher that reconized my problem and he worked with me to have me pass my subjects and I made it through with a C average., but when I got into high school I could not pass the basic math or english classes and no one tried to help me to understand the problems.  I took the chanch on taking some of the business courses and passsed them with no problem and I did that for all 4 years. When it came to graduation the dean decided to let me graduate after I took a summer class in bookkeeping which was the hardest class in the system and I passed it at the excelerated speaed and I got my diploma. I was told that I would not make it through college so they did not let me take pre-college courses. After I spent time being in the military (Army and Air Force) I did go to college and my dislexia caused more problems but I had an instructor that reconized the problem and she sent me to the rehab. counsler and he helped me to make it through by teaching me how to turn the dislexia off. Guess what, I maintained a B average through college.

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