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  • Georgia

Benjamin Sherod Horn born 1815 in Hancock,Georgia and died 1889 Newton Co., Mississippi married Sarah Elizabeth King born 1838 died 1925.Parents of Benjamin S. Horn were Needham Horn and Martha Cannedy Horn and Parents of Sarah E. King were Charles King and Pernecy.Children were:1. Martha Jane born 1860  MS.2. Mary Ann born 1864 Newton Co , MS. died 1947 MS.3. Sarah Elizabeth born 1866 MS. 4. Charles King Horn born 1869 Newton Co, MS.5. George Washington Horn born 1874 Newton Co., MS. died 19006. James A. born 1875 Newton Co. MS. 7.Nancy Jane Horn born 1877 Newton Co MS.8. John Kennedy Horn born 1880 Hickory,MS. died 1954 MS.9.Andrew Jackson Horn born 1882 Newton Co MS.

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