25 Oct 1923 1
15 Sep 1998 1

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Full Name:
Charles B Wilson 1
25 Oct 1923 1
15 Sep 1998 1
Last Residence: Houston, TX 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-6157 1

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Lt CHarles Wilson, 321st Bomb Group, 445th BS, MTO


Lt Wilson flew the "Val/Modern Design" on Combat Missions
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Lt Charles B Wilson, "Charlee" Pilot of the "Modern Design" B-25 #43-27741 (Val)

321stBG,445thBS, Lt Charles B Wilson, "Charlee" (Charly) Pilot /Fred Lawrence Photo

Lt. Wilson flew with a couple of crews on various planes – mostly 27741 – and this was his usual plane & crew in Apr 45
A/C No. 43-27741 Tail # 14 “Val” (previously “Modern Design”)
P Wilson, Charles B. “Charlee”, 1Lt
CP Davies, Robert A., 2Lt
N Richardson, Robert F., F/O
B Rosenthal, Richard C., 1Lt
E Kuykendall, Ben (NMI), S/Sgt
R Russo, Paul A., S/Sgt
G Farmer, Alonzo (NMI), Sgt
F None
AND 7 Feb. 1945;
Research by John Fitzgerald (446thBS) Entered by Barbara Connollu (447thBS Ed Ennis)

321stBG,445thBS, Lt Charles B Wilson, "Charlee" Pilot /File Photo

Lile and Wilson flew together on 7 Feb 45 mission:

A/C No. 43-27502 Tail # 10 “Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes” (previously “What’s Cookin’?”)
P Wilson, Charles B. “Charlee”, 2Lt
CP Reade, Rex E., 2Lt
N None
B Rosenthal, Richard C., 2Lt
E Gum, Paul V., Sgt
R Eberhardt, Charles D., Sgt
G Lile, Keith B., Cpl

Gunner Keith Lile was friends with Lt Wilson. (Photo's from Lile Family.


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