CHERRY VALLEY - November 11th, 1778

CHERRY VALLEY - November 11th, 1778


The story of the soldiers of the 6th (7th) Massachusetts Regiment of the Continental Line that suffered as a result of that terrible day during the Revolutionary War.

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  • Cherry Valley, NY

Cherry Valley was a little settlement about 60 miles west of Albany, New York, at the headwaters of the Susquehanna River and just a stone throw away from the Mohawk Valley. The region was ripe with British sympathizers along with British Ranger Units and their Iroquois Indian allies. Settlements throughout the region had been under attack from the enemy and the people lived in terror from the constant British and Indian raids.Upon arriving at Cherry Valley the end of July, the 6th (7th) Massachusetts Regiment commanded by Col. Ichabod Alden (approx. 250 soldiers) found the townsfolk living in the meeting house - over two hundred men, women, and children crowded into one building day and night for weeks. They were very glad to learn the regiment was being stationed in their town and immediately began moving back into their homes. The solders were housed in local barns, while the officers resided with townsfolk. The regiment's first business was to build a sturdy fort, which was christened "Fort Alden" on the 15th of August.

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