A brief Chronology on Priest Michael

A brief Chronology on Priest Michael


The Life of Priest Michael and his descendants

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  • North Syria

Priest Michael was born in 1818 AD in a little town in the East of the River Jordan called Fuhais. The whole Middle East including Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine was occupied then by the Ottomans Empire, which extended to include the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Egypt and most of North Africa. Michael was the eldest of his brothers whose father Khalil assumed to have been countryman who cultivated the land and developed rich culture with regards what he inherited from his own father and his genealogy attributes. He also tilled the soil and most probably lived as a farmer. His father was known to be the son of Eid son of Nassar son of Ayyoub son of Sweiss sun of Allam. Allam had many brothers who migrated from Northern Syria in the beginning of the 17th century searching for fertile soil and moderate weather. One of his brothers was called Salem who decided to live in Nazareth and become a city dweller. The family of Al-Salem is known as one of the biggest family living in Nazareth until this date. Other brothers converted their religions and became Moslems and left to be among Muslim tribes. The family of Abdelhadi and Jarrar are two families converted to Islam and lived in the area near the Alia International  Airport and then dispersed in the vast land of East of the Jordan River. Priest Michael was ordained to be a churchman in the year 1938 when he was twenty years old. His eldest son was named Khalil after his grandfather, and was born in the same year Michael was ordained as a priest. Priest Michael served the Greek Orthodox Church for 47 years and died in 1885. His eldest son Khalil was ordained to take his father's place as a priest in the year 1887. Priest Khalil had four sons: Hanna, Michael, Saba and David. The new priest served the town of Fuhais for 16 years and died in 1903 AD. Three of Khalil's son immigrated to South America during the end of the 19th century, namely Michael, Saba and David. The eldest brother Hanna remained in Jordan and served the Church and the Schools of the town of Fuhais all his life. He was known to be Mu'allem, or Master Hanna. Michael, Saba, and David all lived in Chile in South America and all died therein. Michael had one son who was named Alexander. Alexander had two sons who were named Michael and James or Khaiymi. Saba had two sons who were called Elias and Sabeno, while David had no sons after him. Mu'allem Hanna had three sons all of which immigrated to North America and lived in Chicago. His sons were Khalil, Issa and Elias. Khalil and Issa died in Chicago while Elias still lives in Chicago to this date (May God extends his life)!

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