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Liberty Bell National Tour

The last time the Liberty Bell toured the country.


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Willard, Utah, USA


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Liberty Bell in Utah

Willard, Utah, USA

Bell on railroad car in Willard.jpg

The Liberty bell was in route to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. On its way it made several stops in prominent US cities. Stop #16 was Salt Lake City Utah. This picture was found in my Grandfathers possesions and is pressumed to be taken by his older sister. The bell came by Willard Utah on the way to Salt Lake City. The Mountain in the background is called Willard Mountain. It is very distinct, and I am very familiar with the visual since I have spent a great deal of time on the family farm in Willard and on Willard Bay water skiing. You can find more info on this final journey at:

Current photo of Willard Peak from Willard Bay

Willard, Utah, USA

You can compare the mountains to see the evidence. The distinct stripe through the mountain gives it away for sure.

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