Jacob W. Earheart Fights For the Confederacy

Jacob W. Earheart Fights For the Confederacy


This is a story of Jacob W. Earheart, who at 20 years of age entered into the civil war from Texas.

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The 11th Texas infantry formed in Texas recruits men.

  • Houston, Texas

During the winter of 1861-1862, the 11th Texas infantry was formed in Houston, Texas.  Many of these men were recruited in the towns of Clarksville, Henderson, and Marshall, and  counties of Cherokee and Shelby with the commander being, Colonel O.M. Roberts. My great grandfather was from Galvaston, Texas being born there in 1843.  His parents, my great-great grandfather and great-great grandmother were originally from South Carolina.  Jabob at the time was 20 years old and single.  It is anyones guess as to whether or not he was ready to go to war or not.  Colonel Roberts was the President of the Texas Secession convention in 1861.  He later resigned from the Confederate army in 1864 to become Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.  After the war he practiced law in Tyler and Gilmer before becoming Chief Justice for the second time.  He then became Govenor of Texas and served two terms then retired to teach law at the University of Texas that was established in 1883.  He was the first president and organizer of the Texas State Historical Society.My Father, Lewis Earheart was born also in Texas as were all twelve of his brothers and sisters. My dad has a twin sister named Lois who is also still living.  They are both 90 at this time.  I remember my grandfather, Henry A. Earheart with the feeling of how much I used to love to visit him and my grandmother in Ardmore, Oklahoma, where I was born.  I remember how different it seemed from California where I lived at the time.  The thrill of taking a bath in a galvanized wash tub (at thirteen, no less).  Fried chicken from a freshly killed chicken, which horrified me when I found that out.  I guess I thought they came from stores.  Lightening bugs at night that we chased with jars, Sitting on the front porch talking until late in the night.  No T.V, or anything else computerized, and yet I hated to leave.  My quest to search for my relatives brought this thrill when I found out I had a relative in the Civil War, especially the Confederacy.  This gave me a whole new outlook on life.  Before it seemed like a movie, now I feel a have a wonderful legacy to pass on the my boys and my grandson.

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