Cruz & Amalia Chavez of Salado Creek  mystery 1910

Cruz & Amalia Chavez of Salado Creek mystery 1910


It is said that EliseoChaves was hung for stealing a cow and that a blind man was the eye whitness.On the same dayhis wife Maria Real Chaves took her life.Leaving behind Antonio Maria Chavez & sister Martha Chavez.Antonio Chavez was nine months old at the time and Martha was older..The real search is for Cruz Chaves Eliseo's father and his wife Amalia.Who was he and where did he come from.There are stories about his son Eliseo Chavez being in a prison..No information is available on the history of Cruz Chaves of Salado Creek New mexico

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Antonio Maria Chaves

  • Salado Creek

Was baptized and raised with his sister by thir Aunt Aurora in Guadalupe County New Mexico. Antonio married Amelia Segura of Santa RosaShe was the daughter of Egripino & Ulalia Sena Sugura ..Eliseo and Maria  were married in Puerto De Luna..Their deathes are not on record nor are the location of their graves. The search is on to solve the mystery of Mr & Mrs Eliseo Chaves. Who killed him and raped her.The criminal who distroyed the lives of Antonio Maria Chaves and his siater Martha Chavez by takeing away their beloved parents will be found.A reward will be given to the person who has information leading   to the historical event with facts and the location of the graves of Eliseo Chaves His wife Maria Real Chavez.How they died and where .Who was responsible for their deaths .And what was done on behalf of their family .

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