In Memory Of Vernon Stailey

In Memory Of Vernon Stailey


To the boy i never knew. I would have been there had i known that you were so close to me. no one ever talked about you or where you were and i guess we always think we can always find the time later to make up for lost time but now your gone at 47 years old. I knew when you was a baby they had to put you somewhere where people could help you and now i wonder did they? Did you feel loved? when I viewed your body everything I knew as a child came flashing back but it wasn't much. as a adult I would have been there and got to know you if I realized you were only a few miles from me. Where i work there is a mentally challanged man who called you friend and was very sad so i leave this little note to your memory you were loved.

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Vernon Stailey 2008

  • Logan, Iowa

Love you alway

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