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108 Slaves in the Estate of Isaac Porcher, Jr., Charleston,...


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108 Slaves in the Estate of Isaac Porcher, Jr, Charleston, SC, 1850

The estate inventory of Isaac Porcher, Jr. of Charleston, South Carolina, filed 6 Apr 1850, lists the names of 108 enslaved ancestors.

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Names indexed in this document are:

  • Isaac Porcher Jr  
    O Sam - slave  
    O Dinah - slave  
    Peter = slave  
    Lucia - slave  
    Dick - slave  
    Molly - slave  
    Boston - slave  
    Tenah - slave  
    Eugenia - slave  
    Rose - slave  
    Samuel - slave  
    Bonncau - slave  
    Caesar - slave
    Charlotte - slave  
    Bella - slave  
    Cyrus - slave 
    Paris - slave  
    Peggy - slave  
    Frederick - slave  
    Chloe - slave  
    Sibby - slave  
    Nelly - slave  
    Brooka - slave  
    Quacoo - slave  
    Jacob - slave  
    Stephen - slave 
    Venus - slave  
    Amey - slave  
    Infant - slave  
    O Tommy - slave  
    O Fanny - slave  
    Abraham - slave  
    Maria - slave 
    Diana - slave  
    Harry - slave  
    Abraham - slave  
    Mary - slave  
    Rosetta - slave  
    Margaret - slave  
    Zilleman - slave 
    Ransom - slave  
    Mary - slave  
    Tom - slave  
    Molly - slave  
    Adam - slave  
    Billy - slave  
    Thomas - slave  
    Infant - slave  
    Francis - slave  
    Sylvira - slave  
    Ellen - slave  
    Tommy - slave  
    Judy - slave  
    Annette - slave 
    Alfred - slave  
    Brister - slave  
    Venus - slave  
    Patsey - slave  
    Sue - slave 
    Jussee - slave  
    Moses - slave  
    Mary - slave  
    Gabriel - slave  
    Solomon - slave  
    Sappho - slave  
    Sam - slave  
    Ben - slave 
    O Betsey - slave
  • Charleston, SC
  • 6 Apr 1850

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This document was digitized as part of a collaborative effort between Footnote, Lowcountry Africana, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History and FamilySearch, to digitize all surviving Charleston, SC Estate Inventories, 1732-1872 and Bills of Sale, 1773-1872, for a FREE Footnote collection.

When the project is complete, the names of more than 30,000 enslaved ancestors will be preserved in this FREE collection, for generations to come.

This remarkable collection contains the name of every slave ever listed in a surviving estate inventory for Charleston, SC from colonial times to Emancipation. Many of the post-Civil War inventories list the names of former slaves as well. You can volunteer to help index this FREE collection, to make the records searchable.

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This document was indexed and made searchable by Lori.

Contributor: Lowcountry_Africana
Created: August 6, 2010 · Modified: August 6, 2010

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