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My precious pearl of great price

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  • New Jersey

When I first got pearlie she was so adorable that I fell in love with her and just had to have her.  When I brought her to my house the first thing I had to do was to take her to the vet to get checked out, and then to the groomers to get cleaned up.  Little did I know that she brought her own family with her.  Pearlie had to be shorn down to skin and then bathed three times and flea dipped three times to take care of "the other members of her family".  When I finally finished the process of cleaning her up, the behavorial work began.  She wouldn't do anything.  She wouldn't listen to anything.  She just did whatever she thought she wanted to do.  After a week of trying with her she seemed to be more than I could deal with.  I had told my girlfriend that I was going to take her back.  My friend reminded me of my childhood and asked me how I would feel if that one more person gave up on me.  Well, that's all I needed to hear.  Three years later, Pearlie, is the precious pearl of great price for me.  I decided I was going to spend unending time with her to undo the mess she had been thru before me.  Pearlie couldn't accept affection from anyone.  I had to hug her all the time and tell her that this was a good thing.  I had to take her on a lot of trips with me and then bring her home again to assure her that was ok.  She was afraid of everything.  She was 4 months old when I got her and had been in 3 homes previously.  But, thanks to the Lord, and a little hard work, Pearlie had grown into the perfect companion for me.  The days I am able to take her to work with me she absolutely loves it.  I take her everywhere I am able to do so and she thinks it is just great.  Then she gets to go see "the cousins" (my girlfriends dogs).  She has turned into the Queen and she knows it. She has a brother cat at the house that still is not sure whether he likes her.  But, underneath that rough exterior, he absolutely adores her.  When she went to the vet to get fixed she was there for several days and King Boo the cat couldn't stand the pain.  He was looking all over the place for his Queen.  What a wonderful pair they make.  They tease each other all hours of the day and night.

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