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Somewhere in Ohio, in 1829, my great-great grandfather was born. His father was ? Salisbury and his mother was ?

  • Ohio

If the information I have was correct, Joseph Jackson Salisbury was born somewhere in OH in 1829.  I do not have his father's first name.   This has made searching very difficult.  He had at least one brother--John, who was born in 1831.  By 1850 both Joseph and John were in Scotland County, Missouri.  They were farming in the area of Bible Grove.   All the family that I know and have found either do not have the ancestor information or have not found it.     Through DNA research, I have been able to connect with several other branches on the tree, but not through paper records.   I'm including a picture of my paternal grandfather Dee W. Salisbury who has an appearance typical of the males on my branch of the tree.